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Basic Camera Class - January 2017 $50.00 In this 1.5 hour course you will learn basic camera functions and operation.

Basic Studio Class - January 2017 $50.00 n this 1.5 hour course you will gain basic and essential knowledge needed to understand the operation of SCM's Studio B.

Annual Basic Membership $35.00 Annual Basic Membership. All Producers-Members must have a basic membership. Add-ons, such as Camera or Studio use add-ons, are available for an additional annual fee.

SCM - Membership ADD-ON for Camera Use $10.00 Camera ADD-ON to Basic Membership.

SCM Additional Program Fee $25.00 If you are producing multiple series and you wish each series to be eligible to have a guaranteed time slot, you must pay this fee for both your second and third (max) additional series. Product Details
SCM - Membership ADD-ON Studio Use $10.00 Studio use ADD-ON to Basic Membership.

SCM - Imported Program Annual Fee $25.00 If you will be broadcasting programs created by entities outside of Seattle and King County, your program is considered "Imported" and you must pay this fee.

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