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SCCtv Programming Available for Broadcast

Do you operate a College or University television station?  We have original programming availble for your station.  FREE!

SCCtv has created hours of original programming and it is available for your College or University station.  Below is a description of the programming available.  If you see something you're interested in broadcasting, let us know.  We can send you DVDs or arrange FTP access to broadcast quality video files of these programs.


The basics to download a video file:

     - Sign in with your "verified" sign in

     - Hover over the “Original Programming” dropdown and click on “Shared Programming”

     - From the page you land on, you can select which program you’re interested in, for instance, Professor Fred’s Movie Marvels.

     - At this point in the process, especially if you are on a PC, the best method to save the video file itself is to right-click on “Download” and choose “Save link as”, which will allow you to download the file in a folder of your choosing on your computer.

     - OR download using your own preferred method.


Professor Fred's Movie Marvels

Professor Fred's Movie Marvels ( 39 Files )

Over 30 episodes, various lengths

Professor Fred's Movie MarvelsProfessor Fred Hopkins is your guide and teacher on a nostalgic trip into schlock cinema. Fred leads viewers and students of schlock through the chaotic world of movie monsters & screaming babes that haunted the minds of AmericaÔÇÖs youth long after they left the steamed-window comfort of drive-in movie theaters.┬á Assisting Professor Fred in his Schlock Cinema 101 class is his faithful sidekick, Igor.┬á The program is currently viewed in cities like New York, Philidelphia, Spokane, Portland, and San Antonio.┬á Click for more information.

In the Dungeon with Professor Fred

In the Dungeon with Professor Fred ( 0 Files )

Three Episodes Available, 30 minutes in Length

In the DungeonIn the Dungeon with Professor Fred is an interview program where Professor Fred interviews the "Heroes of Schlock."  Our first guest on In the Dungeon was Christopher Murphy, one of the two child actors who starred in ÔÇ£Attack of the Monsters.ÔÇØ Other guests on In the Dungeon with Professor Fred include Barry Curtis of the Kingsmen and legendary clay animation artist Bruce Bickford.  The Kingsmen were the featured band in the great 1965 beach movie "How to Stuff a Wild Bikini," starring Annette Funicello.  Click for more information.

College Success Videos

College Success Videos ( 32 Files )

Over 16 videos, various lengths

College Success VideosWe've collected in one spot a number of videos we've helped create geared toward helping students in college or contemplating going to college.  A highlight of this collection is the Making Achievement Possible: Your Path to College Success video series, consisting of 16 short videos promoting degree attainment and college success. The series covers a wide variety of topics from financial aid to classroom and personal success.  These videos were created at South Seattle Community College, and they are helpful for anyone considering or enrolled in college, especially those in community colleges.  Broadcast quality MPEG-2 and MP4 files are available.  Click for more information.

Remarkable People

Remarkable People ( 7 Files )

Seven Episodes, 30 minutes in length

Remarkable PeopleCandid and engaging portraits of impactful Northwesterners including Jim Whittaker, mountain climber, and his wife, Dianne Roberts, photographer; Stefani Smith, fisher for crabs in the Bering Sea; Pat Wright, singer; Dr. Merrill Spencer, inventor of life saving technologies; Scott Oki, former Microsoft marketer, now philanthropist; and Theodore Roethke, poet. Produced under the auspices of EmmyÔäó Award-winning filmmaker and groundbreaking television producer Jean Walkinshaw.  Click for more information.

Centuries of Great Music

Centuries of Great Music ( 7 Files )

Four concerts, various lenghts

Centuries of Great MusicFeaturing Orchestra Seattle and the Seattle Chamber Singers and directed by the late George Shangrow, this concert series features works by Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Handel, Mahler, Mendelssohn, and more.  New concerts will be available soon.  Click for more information.

Green, Greener, Greenest

Green, Greener, Greenest ( 0 Files )

Five video series, various lengths approaching two hours each.

Green, Greener, GreenestGreen, Greener, Greenest is a five part lecture series offering an innovative opportunity for construction professionals and the general public to lern the facts about, and remove the myth from, green building.

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