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We've collected in one spot a number of videos we've helped create geared toward helping students in college or contemplating going to college.  All of the videos are closed captioned.

College Success Videos

Making Achievement Possible Series

Making Achievement Possible (MAP): Your Path to College Success is a series of short videos promoting degree attainment and college success. The series covers a wide variety of topics from financial aid to classroom and personal success.  These videos were created at South Seattle Community College, and they are helpful for anyone considering or enrolled in college, especially those in community colleges.


Each MAP video is accompanied by an "Instructional Guide" and "Curriculum Activities" for instructors to use, with the videos, in their classrooms. You can access the Curriculum by clicking here.

Transition Portfolio Access

Click here to access the Transition Portfolio


servicelearningService Learning
This video was created to explain service learning to the students of Seattle Central Community College.  While it also explains specifics about Central's program, it does a nice job of explaining the concept of service learning.   View the video. 

Tech Prep - The Open Path
This video was created to dispell the myth that once a student chooses to take technical prep or vocational classes, that they will be stuck on that path.  In reality, a student taking these classes can easily shift back into typical academic study, if they choose to do so.  View the video. 


Also Available - FREE Programming Available to College Television Stations  Are you with a college or university television station.  SCCtv has created a number programs that are available for broadcast on your station for FREE.  Click here to see what is available.


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